By Josh Feit February 11, 2011

The revolution in Egypt is hardly PubliCola territory, but it's impossible not to be preoccupied with the historic news this morning.

(Aside: I posted this last week—an essay I wrote in 2002 when I was news editor at the Stranger sparring with Savage over his pro-Iraq war stance. My counter to Savage's "pave Baghdad" position prioritized a different strategy in the Middle East, including a big focus on democracy in Egypt.)

Today, I'd say this. Five things you should compare the Egyptian revolution to:

1. The 1981 Sadat assassination (an attempt at a revolution, which, well, gave them Mubarak.)
2. The failed 2009 revolution in Iran. (What does Ahmadinejad have going for him that Mubarak doesn't?)
3. The 1979 revolution in Iran. (Cautionary tale.)
4. The Tea Party movement (When looking at unrest in other countries it's hard not to think about unrest in your own country. Egypt's street revolution is worlds apart, both literally and figuratively, from the convoluted Tea Party. But they've already got some scalps (Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah, for example), and a caucus in Congress that's derailing GOP leadership, and they don't seem to be going away.
5. Glee.
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