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Burn of the Day: Mayor McGinn on Bike Licensing

By Erica C. Barnett February 14, 2011

Mayor Mike McGinn was on Weekday with Steve Scher today fielding questions from listeners. And boy did he school one of them.

Asked why the city doesn't make bicyclists "pay for their share of the roads" by getting bike licenses on McGinn responded:
Here's the story. If you buy stuff, if you live in a house and pay property taxes [note: Or if you pay rent, which includes the cost of property taxes], if you run a business, you're paying for our streets. We do not pay for our streets with gas taxes. The bulk of our street money comes from property taxes, business taxes, and sales taxes. ... So if you live in the city, you pay for our roads.

McGinn also noted that many cities that have adopted bike licensing have later abandoned their programs after finding that they cost more to administer than they collect in revenue.

Read more about why bike licenses make no sense---and why cyclists already pay more than their share for roads---here.
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