Two Men Fight Off Robbers In Freeway Park

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 5, 2011

Two men used their wits, fists, and a drywall screw to fight off two robbers in Freeway Park on New Years, according to a police report.

Around 9:00pm on January 1st, the two victims were walking through the park when two men approached them and asked if they wanted to buy some cigarettes.

The victims declined and walked away from the men.

Just as the victims were about to walk out of the park, the two suspects stepped in front of them and told them to empty their pockets.

When the victims refused, the suspects attacked them.

The two victims fought back, and one victim pulled a 3 1/2 inch drywall screw out of his pocket and used it to defend himself.

Both victims then fled the park and flagged down police.

One victim sustained cuts and other injuries to his face. The other victim sustained a minor injury to his wrist.

It looks like police didn't find the suspects.

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