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By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 17, 2011

From SPD:

On 1/15/10, at approximately 2:30 a.m., officers observed a black Mercedes driving the wrong way on 2nd Ave at Pike St. When officers stopped the subject #1/driver he told officers that he had a gun and had just fired it. As officers were removing the weapon from subject #1, subject #2 approached.  Subject #1 told officers that this was the male he had shot at.

Additional officers were called to respond and as these things tend to do, this turned into a cluster of epic proportions with victims of a robbery, multiple suspects, shots fired and warrants abound. The investigation revealed that subject #1′s two teenage sons attended a dance at the Seattle Center earlier in the night and were robbed by subject #2 and another male.  The two victims ran off from these suspects and called their Dad/subject 1 and mom.

Dad-subject 1 and mom responded to the scene and found one son. The family drove around looking for the other son. One of the robbery suspects was found by the family and an altercation ensued. Dad-subject #1 fired at least one round at this suspect. This is about the time Dad/subject 1 was stopped by officers driving the wrong way on 2nd Ave.

At this point the robbery suspect/subject 2 came running up to the scene to see the action. He was then arrested for Investigation of Robbery, the second suspect had warrants and was arrested and a witness to all of this was a missing juvenile.

Somehow this was all worked out and the proper people were placed into the proper locations, ie, King County Jail, Youth Service Center, and home.


On 01-15-11 at approximately 4:09 a.m., in the 500 block of Battery Street a victim was shot in the forearm by an unknown suspect. Statements by both the victim and the witness left a lot of details out as both seemed to be a bit coy about being 100% truthful to Officers. Responding Officers pieced together the following story…

The 2 females, victim and witness meet the suspect in the area of the 7-11 in the 300 block of Denny way. The suspect then walked with the victim and witness for some time. An argument between them resulted in the suspect pulling a small black handgun and shooting the victim in the right forearm.

The suspect then fled in a southbound direction. An area search was negative. The suspect was described as a black male, 28 years old, Med Build, 5-08, 160 pounds, wearing a brown coat, black jeans, black or brown boots.

The victim’s injuries were non-life threatening and the victim had to be convinced to go to Harborview Medical Center.

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