The Morning Blotter: Drive-Bys, Drive-Bys, Drive-Bys!!!

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 12, 2011

SPD officers were called to the scene of two drive-by shootings last weekend.

Police say the first shooting happened around 5:20 am on January 8th at 137th and Midvale Ave Ave N.

Several witnesses called police and reported hearing gunfire on the street, and one tenant in an apartment building told officers she thought she heard several rounds strike a wall outside her unit.

Police searched the area and found bullet fragments and shell casings in the road in front of the apartment building, and several bullets embedded in a wall.

A witness reported seeing a white Ford Escort parked near the scene prior to the shooting, which looked like it didn't belong in the area.

Police contacted a female tenant in the apartment building after someone told officers her son might have been targeted in the drive-by, because of possible gang ties.

it appears officers weren't able to contact the woman's son. No one was injured in the shooting.

About 15 hours later, police received another report of a drive-by on the opposite end of town.

Around 8:00 PM, several neighbors called police and reported hearing gunshots near 112th and Cornell Ave S, right on the border of Seattle and Skyway.

SPD officers and King County Sheriff's deputies responded to the scene, and found two shell casings at Forest Ave and Rustic Road S, but weren't able to find any damaged property or injured victims.

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