Oooh, shiny: Seattle Transit Blog reports that King County Metro has unveiled a new web site with graphs showing monthly ridership, service quality, safety and security, revenues, and service effectiveness across the system. Unfortunately, the data is systemwide, not route by route, but it's pretty cool to be able to see how the system is performing month by month.

Interestingly, ridership was highest last year in the fall and lowest in the summer---the opposite of the pattern on Link Light Rail. Weekday on-time performance has generally been pretty lousy, with fewer than 75 percent of buses showing up on time, well below the goal of 80 percent. Generally, the number of customer complaints per million miles was lower in 2010 than 2009, although the numbers were all over the map. And while fare revenues consistently fell below the 2010 goal, sales tax revenues were right on target.

A world of geeky transit charts and graphs awaits you here.
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