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1) Your daily Morning Fizz: Council re-election funds and anti-immigrant bills.
2) A new poll confirms what many have already speculated: 53% of drivers will divert to I-90 when SR-520 tolling begins this spring.
3) Despite a boycott on Arizona, the city will still consider a contract bid from Arizona based Rural/Metro, an emergency vehicle service provider.
4) Last Night: Josh discovers the origins of the Tea Party mantra "original intent," finds it doesn't mean what Tea Partiers think it means.
5) Domestic-violence prevention advocates and city council members worry that a shakeup at the city's Human Services Department may actually result in cuts to DV programs.
6) Afternoon Jolt: As Erica reported yesterday, parking rates in Seattle will go down after all. Business owners win.
7) Jiggles, we hardly knew you---the city is asking a court to order the U District strip club to shut its doors on grounds that it is violating zoning laws.
8 ) A sign of the times: 400 college students from community and technical colleges across the state rallied in Olympia against cuts to higher education and proposed tuition increases.
9) Obama's State of the Union jab at salmon regulation may have been a bit off target, an environmental group alleges.
10) Grist to Obama: You can't "win the future" without building rail as well as highways.
11) Afternoon Jolt: Veteran AP reporter defects to online-only site.
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