More Victims Come Forward In Prostitute Kidnapping Case

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 13, 2011

Prosecutors may soon file additional charges against a man accused of kidnapping an escort at his North Seattle apartment, after at least two more women have come forward with claims that they were victimized by the same man.

In September, the King County Prosecutor's office charged Julian Tarver with kidnapping, impersonating a police officer, and attempted extortion after he allegedly called an escort to his apartment, told her he was a cop, and tried to coerce her into having sex with him.

Tarver allegedly flashed a badge, and told the woman he was an undercover Seattle police officer working with the US Marshals on a sting operation. He then held the woman at his apartment for the next six hours, and told her she couldn't leave him with "blue balls," according to court documents.

He then took the 18-year-old woman's ID, and $600 cash, and let her go.

According to a police source, it's not entirely uncommon for men to pretend to be law enforcement officers and attempt to coerce prostitutes in to giving them a freebie.

Following the alleged kidnapping, the woman contacted SPD Vice detectives, who later served a warrant on Tarver's apartment and arrested him.

Tarver—who was on Department of Corrections supervision for a child pornography conviction—has previously been investigated for trying to derail a train, setting several fires, and calling in a bomb threat to a Seattle school.

Tarver was also apparently a reader, and sent in video of a fire, and photos of the train accident and car crash, which we did not publish.

A source tells us the two additional victims who have come forward may have worked as escorts.

Prosecutors could file additional charges against Tarver as early as next week.

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