Illegal Substitution: Former UW Player Charged For Using Teammate's Name In Crimes

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 4, 2011

King County prosecutors have filed charges against a former University of Washington football player accused of using a teammate's identity to hide his criminal history.

For more than two decades, Robert Lance Theoudele, 54, abused his former teammate's name while accumulating 66 warrants and at least 27 criminal convictions, prosecutors contend in charging documents.

"The defendant is accused of repeatedly using his former football teammate's identity in numerous arrests over a 25-year period doing irreparable damage to the victim," Deputy Prosecutor Jennifer Petersen told the court. "The victim still has not been able to clear his record."

Writing the court, Seattle Detective Monique Avery noted that the victim and Theoudele played football for UW together in the late 1970s. They went to the Rose Bowl in 1978, but weren't friends, the detective noted, and didn't stay in touch after the other man left the area in 1979.

Avery claimed Theoudele had used several aliases during his run-ins with the law, including his former teammate's name. His actions, the detective continued, left the other man fighting to prove he wasn't a career criminal.

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