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Fizz Update: Kelly Says He's Not Running for Council

By Josh Feit January 21, 2011

This post has been updated; I stepped out to lunch and Josh did a quick post based on my phone call with Kelly. --- Erica C. Barnett

In this morning's Fizz we noted a hot rumor: James Kelly, head of the Urban League was going to run for city council.

Nope. (And too bad. That would have been fun. Kelly, seen around town lately sporting an "Enough" lapel pin—the pro-tunnel, anti-McGinn decor---would have run a zeitgeist campaign.)

We reached Kelly this morning, and he told us he's not interested. "I'm not running for city council, I'm running away from it," he said, telling us that after he steps down from the Urban League (this week's big news), he's going to travel for a couple of months and then think about future plans.

Kelly, who contributed to the campaigns of all five city council members who are up for reelection this year, told PubliCola, "A lot of those guys are my friends, and I respect all of them. It would be different if [former council member] Richard McIver's seat was up. That probably would have been the best time to run." Mike O'Brien ultimately won McIver's open seat in 2009.
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