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City Asks Court to Shut Down U District Strip Club

By Erica C. Barnett January 27, 2011

City attorney Pete Holmes filed a complaint asking the King County Superior Court to shut down Jiggles, a strip club that opened on the site of the former comedy club Giggles last month.

In his complaint, Holmes argues that the club violates the city zoning code, which prohibits "adult cabarets" within 800 feet of schools, child care centers, public parks and open space, and community centers.

Jiggles, the city says, is 60 feet away from the University Child Development School, 569 feet from a YMCA, 716 feet from the University Heights Community Center, and 788 feet away from a public park.

The complaint also notes that the club's owner, Bob Davis, failed to get a permit to use the space as a strip club, did not get the building inspected before opening, and is violating several land use code because it doesn't have a lighted exit.

Try to read the complaint without laughing at the repeated use of the word "Jiggles" here.
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