The Morning Blotter: Car Prowler Stabs Man With Screwdriver

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 24, 2010

One man was wounded after he interrupted a car prowler breaking into his friend's car near the waterfront last weekend.

Shortly after 4:00am on December 19th, two men were walking back to their car near Elliot Ave and Lenora when they spotted the suspect rifling through their vehicle.

One of the men confronted the car prowler, who stabbed the victim in the head with a six-inch screwdriver and took off running.

Both men chased the prowler, who pulled out a folding knife, pointed it at one of the men, and took off running again.

The victims lost sight of the prowler near 2nd and Bell.

The men called police, and an officer picked them up and drove around Belltown for a half-hour with the victims, looking for the suspect. They weren't able to find him.

When police took the victims back to their car, they found that the suspect had shattered two windows.

The report says one of the men sustained a minor cut on his head, but was otherwise uninjured.

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