Statement of Intent

By Josh Feit December 8, 2010

Despite Erica's report this morning that the anti-tunnel group Move Seattle Smarter strengthened the language of its initiative this morning,  she still thinks, as she's bee reporting all week that the initiative is pretty toothless.

Maybe. But here's the thing she's missing: If it passes, it'll be a weighty statement about where voters are on the issue. Seattle will be symbolically siding with Mayor Mike McGinn, which will force the council to play ball with McGinn as he tries to undo the overruns provision.

Irony alert: It's still technically a toothless mandate trying to undo a toothless state provision. However, just like the state overruns provision, the voters' intent will be clear, and arguably more powerful than it appears.

On the flip side—getting even deeper into irony land on this issue—the voters also made themselves clear in the March 2007 special election: No Tunnel. And, well, look where we are.
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