Queen Anne Is Creeper-Free...

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 7, 2010 least through March (unless there are other creepos or creepers on the hill).

SPD crime prevention coordinator Terrie Johnston sent out a notice last night that the Queen Anne Creeper has received a nine-month sentence, and should be in the King County Jail through March:

Dear Block Watchers/contacts:  You may remember that earlier in the year, there was a man driving around Queen Anne approaching women, asking them for directions and following up with lewd comments about these women.  Many, many women were approached by the guy we ended up calling the “Queen Anne Creeper”.  After I sent out an e-lert to block contacts about him, more women contacted us saying they also had been approached by him.  Through excellent work by patrol, relentless follow-up by Comm. Police Team Off. Erik Warner, and the statements by many of the victims, a case was built against Mr. Shigley-Muncey.  On Dec. 2nd, he was sentenced to 9 months in jail, so with the credit for the time he has served, he will be released in March, 2011.  The great news is that because he was convicted on stalking charges, he had to submit his DNA to the National Registry and he will undergo a full Mental Health evaluation.

The Senior Asst. City Prosecutor, Kevin Kilpatrick wanted to send along a big thank you to all involved.  Most stalking cases tried in Municipal Court are Domestic Violence related.  The fact that these (21 in all) were strangers to Mr. Shigley-Muncey made this case extremely unusual.

My thanks to all of you who forwarded the e-mails we sent to your neighbors who came forward and gave statements, vehicle descriptions and testimony.  All of your involvement helped to get a conviction!  Thanks for all you do for your block and beyond. 

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