Police: Armed Men Tried, Failed to Rob West Seattle Bar

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 1, 2010

Police say two armed suspects tried to rob a West Seattle tavern, using a fake story about an attempted luring and rape to try to gain entry to the bar after closing time.

According to a police report, an employee at the bar—which is near Delridge Way and 17th Ave SW—was taking out the recycling just before 3:00am on November 28th, when he heard someone banging on a nearby apartment door.

A man approached the employee and asked him if he could come inside the tavern.

The employee told the man the tavern was closed, but sent another employee went out to talk to the man.

The man told the second employee he hadn't eaten in a few days "and some guy was trying to rape him." He then begged the employee to let him inside the bar.

After hearing the man's story, the employee called 911, but while the employee was on the phone, a second suspect walked up to the employee, said "what's up" and poked him with a "large kitchen-type knife," the report says.

Both suspects then fled. The employee was not injured.

According to the report, police believe the two suspects "were seeking to rob the tavern by using a rape story" to gain entry to the bar after hours.

The victims provided police with a description of the suspects, and said they would be able to identify them if they saw them again.

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