On Other Blogs Today: Sheriff's Union Will Consider Smaller Raises

By Erica C. Barnett December 7, 2010

1) The Seattle Times reports: After months of refusing to consider pay concessions, the King County sheriff's deputies union will consider an increase next year of 3 percent instead of 5 percent.

2) The Times' Politics Northwest blog reports on a new  Elway poll which says most voters think the state's budget shortfall can be made up with budget cuts, spending freezes and "money from somewhere."

3) Ousted state Sen. Jean Berkey is still pushing the senate not to seat Democrat Nick Harper in her place next year, arguing that illegal actions by Moxie Media altered the outcome of the election; the Everett Herald's Petri Dish blog has more.

4) Seattlest reports on rumors that the New Orleans Hornets are mulling a move to Seattle.

5) Slog has the text of the latest initiative opposing the deep-bore tunnel.

6) The chair of the state Public Disclosure Commission told lawmakers today that state initiatives were at risk of being "hijacked by special interests," the's Strange Bedfellows blog reports.

7) OMG War on Cars: Walking in Seattle reports on five new crosswalks that are being installed around the city.
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