CHS: Woman Robbed In Flat-Tire Ruse

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 24, 2010

Our pals at Capitol Hill Seattle posted details earlier this week about a weird robbery scam on the Hill:

A SPD spokesperson said the woman was driving on Summit around 9:30 AM Tuesday when she came to a stop sign at University Street. As she came to a stop, two men on foot at the intersection began waving for her attention and gesturing at her front tire. As the woman stepped to the front of her car to see what was the matter, one of the men pulled out a pistol, aimed it at the woman and yelled, "You fucking bitch, give me your money and your jewelry."

The woman handed over the cash she was carrying but told the man she couldn't get her rings off her fingers. The man then demanded her pack of cigarettes as the other suspect stood by "looking tough" on watch. The two men then fled westbound on University with the cash and the smokes. The woman could only provide general descriptions to police: two black males, one around 5'10" the other 5'5".

An area search for the men did not turn up the suspects.

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