15 Years For Barnett Park Shooter

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 2, 2010

A 34-year-old Seattle man long suspected in a 2006 shooting at a Central District park has been sentenced to 15 ½ years in prison.

Currently serving a seven-year sentence on related vehicular assault charges, Dondanova "Wolf" Lewis nearly beat charges related to the June 2006 shooting at Barrett Park that left a man hospitalized. Though county prosecutors filed charges at the time, they were abandoned after witnesses against Lewis refused to cooperate.

Federal prosecutors filed drug and gun charges against Lewis earlier this year; state authorities followed suit, again charging Lewis in the Barrett Park shooting.

Lewis stood accused in a six-week long crime spree that began in May 2006 with him attempting to evade police while driving drunk and ended with Lewis crashing his car during a high-speed chase in south Seattle.

Addressing U.S. District Court Judge Richard Jones on Wednesday, Lewis apologized for his actions, according to a Justice Department statement.

"I apologize to the community that feels I terrorized them and put them in danger," Lewis said, according to the statement.

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