State Cracks Down On Fake ID, College Kids Across The State Weep

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 5, 2010

Starting next week, if you want a new driver's license and don't have a Social Security number, you'll have to bring proof of state residency.

The change is part of a crackdown on ID scams by the Department of Licensing, which was plagued earlier this year by an alleged crime ring that sold licenses to undocumented immigrants. The ring supposedly included a DOL employee in Bellevue.

Washington currently asks applicants for proof of identity and a Social Security number. If someone doesn't have a Social Security number, the department allows an applicant to declare Washington residency in an affidavit.

As of Nov. 8, those affidavits won't be sufficient. Anyone without an Social Security number will have to show proof of residency, such as a utility bill or car-insurance policy card.

"This is going to go a big step further. It's going to make it much more difficult to engage in fraud at the counter," said Tony Sermonti, a spokesman for the Department of Licensing.

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