SPD Investigating Another Misconduct Claim Against Officer In "Mexican Piss" Incident

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 10, 2010

Officer Shandy Cobane is back in the news again.

Earlier this year, KIRO TV aired footage of Cobane, a former member of SPD's gang unit, kicking a prone suspect while shouting "I will beat the fucking Mexican piss out of you homey" at the man, who is Latino.

Now KIRO has interviewed another man who has filed a restraining order against Cobane, claiming the officer choked him while he was handcuffed in the back of a patrol car in April.

[Alexander Rengo's] encounter with Cobane occurred in Belltown just after midnight on April 24. Rengo says someone with another group sucker punched him as he left a bar next to the Amber restaurant. His friends jumped to his defense. A small melee erupted. Cops in black shirts came flying in -- SPD gang unit detective Shandy Cobane was in the center of it all.

Rengo told [KIRO], "The officers immediately grabbed me, threw me on the car, slammed my head against it. I'm trying to tell them, 'No. I just got attacked. It wasn't me fighting!'"


"I was laying on my back. They threw me from the street side into the passenger side back of the car. [Cobane] came around the passenger side, opened the door up and just choked me until I lost, I couldn't, when I started kicking because I was about to pass out, he let me go, I took a breath, then he choked me again."

A number of officers I've spoken with since Cobane's first brush with infamy have defended him as a good, hardworking cop. I wonder if that will continue if this man's claims hold true.

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