Police Fatally Shoot Man On Beacon Hill

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 22, 2010

Police are shutting down streets at 14th and Atlantic following a shooting.

Officers have called for a guild rep, often an indicator of an officer-involved shooting.

More as we get it.

Update 2:48: We're told that Seattle Fire Department staff initially arrived on scene and found a nan in car with a gun. They then contacted police.

Update 2:51: Police have called for a mobile precinct, and chiefs Jim Metz and Jim Pugel are also going to the scene.

Update 2:56: The initial call was for a suicidal man with a gun. It's still not clear who opened fire at the scene.

Update 3:26: We're getting varying information about whether officers fired shots during this incident. With the number of units called out to this scene, it would stand to reason that this is an officer-involved shooting. However, SPD has been unable to confirm what actually transpired.

More as we get it.

Update: 5:10pm

Police say this was in fact an officer-involved shooting. More details in just a minute.

Update 5:18: SFD arrived on scene and found that the men had a weapon, and called in patrol and SWAT officers. Police contacted the man, who they say tried to leave the scene.

At some point during the contact, police say the man raised the gun at officers, and three SWAT officers fired several shots, killing the man.

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