Police Confront Armed Woman At Swedish Hospital In Ballard

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 8, 2010

We're hearing that a woman armed with a gun is in a standoff with police at or near Swedish Hospital in Ballard.

More as we get it.

Update 2:04pm: Police have the woman in custody and have recovered a weapon.

Update 2:13: Police say they got a call at 1:48pm about a  distraught woman in her 40s outside the Swedish Hospital cafeteria, who was armed with a gun. The woman also had a dog with her, police say.

The hospital went into lockdown  and police were able to quickly convince the woman to put the gun down.

It sounds like the woman may have pointed the gun at herself, but not at anyone else.

She was taken into custody, and will likely be taken to Harborview.

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