Police Believe They Have Nabbed Prolific North End Burglars (Updated)

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 10, 2010

Seattle police have arrested three teens caught breaking into a North Seattle home this afternoon, and a department source says the teens are likely connected to a string of burglaries in the neighborhood.

Over the last month, police say a group of juvenile burglars have broken into at least 20 homes in the Roosevelt, Ravenna, and Maple Leaf neighborhoods, near where police busted the three teens this afternoon.

A source tells us there is a "strong possibility" the teens--who were arrested this afternoon at NE 90th and 12th Ave NE--are responsible for the other burglaries.

Police had planned to hold a meeting next week to talk with neighbors about the burglaries.

More as we get it.

Update: We're now hearing police arrested six suspects in total. The teens tried to run from police but were caught several blocks away from the scene.

One of our tipsters on the story, who we'll call AV, says the suspects were carrying fliers for a local pizza chain, likely as a cover as they surveyed homes in the area.

Update x2: Sources tell us police were called to two different burglaries in the same area, and ended up catching the six juvenile burglars at one home. Police don't believe they were responsible for both break-ins.

One kid was taken to the hospital for a wound sustained during the break-in. He apparently cut himself on a broken window.

The teens are all high school age, and weren't able to make off with anything. Apparently all six of them arrived at the scene in a small sedan. It's not clear how they planned to transport whatever it was they were planning to steal.

Update x3: Police now say they arrested three juveniles and three men in their late teens. We'll have more info tomorrow.

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