On Other Blogs Today: Koster v. Larsen

By Erica C. Barnett November 3, 2010

1. The Seattle Times' Politics Northwest blog says the race between John Koster and Rick Larsen in Washington's 2nd Congressional District may not be decided for several days.

2. Sightline has an overview of yesterday's vote in the West, including some good climate news out of California.

3. If you support alternative transportation like high-speed rail, bikes, or other transit options, yesterday was a bad day, according to the Transport Politic, Rebuilding Place, and Bike Portland.

4. The Olympian's Politics Blog makes some predictions about the impact this year's initiatives will have on next year's state budget.

5. In Mukilteo, Tim Eyman's initiative to require a two-thirds majority of the city council to approve red-light cameras---a mini version of his state measure that will require a two-thirds legislative majority to raise taxes---is passing, the Seattle Times reports.

6. In Bellingham, a sales tax increase for transportation and transit projects appears to be passing comfortably, the Transportation Choices Coalition's blog reports.
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