On Other Blogs Today: Calling the Race for Wiggins

By Erica C. Barnett November 9, 2010

1) With Supreme Court justice Richard Sanders barely holding on to his lead (and with challenger Wiggins winning in King County by a margin of more than 58 percent), David Goldstein at HorsesAss.Org is calling the race for Wiggins.

2) The News Tribune's Political Buzz blog says there's still hope for Democrat Carol Gregory in the 30th District state house race.

3) At Crosscut, Mossback attempts to diagnose what ailed Dino Rossi this election cycle.

4) And on the Seattle Times' Ed Cetera blog, Bruce Ramsey and Lynne Varner debate whether Rossi was "too Republican."

5) Not strictly local, but outrageous enough to post anyway: Biking Bis reports on of a judge's attempts to explain plea bargain in hit-and-run outside Vail, where a wealthy financier mowed down a cyclist and drove away.

6) I love this idea: Seattle Bike Blog wants to start up a Cranksgiving charity bike race in Seattle.
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