On Other Blogs Today: A New Role for Government

By Erica C. Barnett November 29, 2010

1) The Tacoma News Tribune suggests that the state legislature reexamine the state's policy of giving bonuses to teachers with masters degrees.

2) Also at the News Tribune, Gov. Chris Gregoire says the state "can't be" a safety net for the public anymore.

3) Slog reports that the Seattle school district may close the city's most gay-friendly alternative school.

4) Gregoire announces the state will move toward performance-based contracts; the conservative Washington Policy Center's Policy Blog approves.

5) On his blog, city council member Tim Burgess give a rave review of former U.S. Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens' essay opposing the death penalty.

6) At Puget Sound Transit Operators, bus driver Jeff Welch says the city failed to clear streets "critical to Metro snow routing" during last week's snowstorm.

7) Over at Grist, "Bus Chick" Carla Saulter says the storm demonstrated that driving a car doesn't mean being in control.
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