Oldest Judge In the Universe Admonishes Juror For Tweeting In Court

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 18, 2010

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What do you call someone who tweets that they're on the jury for a murder trial?

Offered more generically Wednesday, that was King County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Ramsdell's query – "Are they called twits?" – after he was informed that a juror for a first-degree murder trial had used Twitter to publicize his participation.


Describing himself as "not an aficionado of techno nonsense," Ramsdell told the prosecutors and defense attorneys about to argue the case against Myron Wynn that he was "dumbfounded, appalled and annoyed" that the juror tweeted he had been called to a first-degree murder trial.


"We've been doing this for 250 years now," Ramsdell said. "I can tell you it works when we do it this way. It fails when we don't."

I like to think Judge Ramsdell's a bit like this guy:

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