Murray: Putting On My Tennis Shoes to Work for You.

By Erica C. Barnett November 2, 2010

US Sen. Patty Murray just spoke to a raucous, packed ballroom at the downtown Seattle Westin. She was introduced by 11-year-old Marcelas Owens--- whose mother died after she lost her health care, and who became a symbol of this year's Democratic fight for health care reform---and flanked by fellow Sen. Maria Cantwell and Gov. Chris Gregoire, who held Murray's hands and raised them in the air in a moving show of solidarity between Washington's three most powerful women.

Gesturing, Clinton-style, to supporters in the audience, Murray said the election wasn't about her---it was "about people like Marcelas Owens" who had lost their health care but got it back because of the health care bill, and people who had lost jobs but got them back because of her small business bill.  She finished by comparing Washington State to a family---families argue, but they ultimately move on like a family. Then she concluded, "I'm proud to serve. I'm going to put on my tennis shoes and work for you"---a finale that prompted the crowd to explode like it was an arena rock show.

Video to come in tomorrow's Fizz.
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