The Metro Union (ATU Local 587) has just released the details of its tentative agreement with the county online.

As we predicted, although the union has agreed to forgo a cost-of-living pay increase next year, union members will get raises of 0.7 percent in 2012 and 0.6 percent in 2013---about in line with the expected rate of inflation. (Drivers' top hourly wage will go up to $28.47 an hour). In addition, if inflation is higher, they will get raises equal to 90 percent of the local (not national) inflation rate in 2012 and 95 percent of the local inflation rate in 2013. The contract also includes a 0 percent "floor" on year-to-year wage fluctuations---meaning that although they can never get a wage cut, union members also aren't guaranteed a specific increase.

Other details of the tentative contract:

• Metro will save money by allowing part-time drivers to do more of the overtime work that is currently reserved for full-time drivers. Because part-time drivers make less, their overtime is cheaper. The change does not put a cap on the total number of hours a part-time driver can work in a week; rather, it allows them to work more than eight hours in one day.

• The contract now prohibits subcontracting out Metro work  if “contracting of such work eliminates or reduces the normal workload" of union members.

• The contract does not change a provision stating that part-time drivers must be laid off before any full-time drivers are let go.

• The Metro union now has a seat at the table---up to three seats, actually---in making scheduling recommendations to Metro.

• The contract designates the day after Thanksgiving as "Mark McLaughlin Day," in honor of the driver who was shot and killed in 1998 while driving over the Aurora Bridge.

• Union members can take sick days to deal with domestic violence issues.

• The contract also defines specific "major infractions" for Link Light rail operators, which include things like opening the door on the wrong side of the train, running a train in the wrong direction without permission, and preventable accidents.

• The contract includes a memorandum of understanding between Metro and the union about bus ad wraps, with both sides agreeing to try to come up with a way for union members to install the wraps on buses, rather than outside advertising companies. This, apparently, has been an ongoing dispute between Metro and the union.
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