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Last Night: The Marine Corps' 235th Birthday Party

By Josh Feit November 17, 2010

I was on vacation back East for the last week visiting friends and family. I'll spare you the lecture about how diverse D.C. and NYC are compared to lily-white Seattle, but re: the diversity thing—last Thursday night I was in the basement of the Bethesda Hyatt at a dinner and dance for local Marines from Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval honoring the 235th anniversary of the founding of the U.S. Marine Corps.

The diversity—black, white, Hispanic—wasn't much of a surprise, but the dance floor mix-up getting into the midnight hour was. With Latin-hip-hop numbers packing the floor, the dressed-to-the-nines women were leading their uniformed partners while a gang of single ladies kicked off their shoes and monopolized the far corner.

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We hear a lot about how the conservative military does the dirty work for the rest of us to enjoy our hippie freedoms. So it was nice to see the military enjoying them too—an interracial, drunked-up Soul Train party with 21st century beats.

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