High Schools 2010

Grading Our High Schools

By Judy Naegeli, Alexandra Notman, Clancey Denis, and Mary Pritchard November 10, 2010 Published in the December 2010 issue of Seattle Met

Image: James Yang

WE CONTACTED EVERY public school district and accredited private high school in King County, requesting student demographics and combing databases for standardized test scores, to compile the following guide to secondary education in the Seattle area. You’ll note a few inconsistencies between the public and private charts, since public schools track data differently from private schools, and private schools track data differently from other private schools. But, like any good student, you’ll of course complement these statistics with firsthand research: Scour websites (we’ve provided those, too), tour prospects, meet instructors, and talk to other parents to help you find your best high school.

Click here for a PDF of the findings.


Updated December 16, 2010. In the December 2010 cover story, “Our Best High Schools,” we indicated that Interlake, Mount Rainier, and Kent-Meridian high schools offer zero IB courses. In fact, they offer 39, 20, and 19 courses, respectively. The number of students per teacher at King’s High School is 14, not 24.

After press time, Shoreline Christian School supplied new data. And Washington State’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction corrected its figures for percent of students receiving free or reduced lunch in the Highline school district as follows: Academy of Citizenship and Empowerment (76.8, not 50.3), Arts and Academics Academy (77.4, not 50.7), Aviation (20.9, not 13.9), Global Connections (69.6, not 37.7), Health Sciences Human Services (76.7, not 44.1), Highline (55.1, not 34.4), Highline Big Picture (54.9, not 36.4), Mount Rainier (40.3, not 25.1), and TEC (67.2, not 44.8).

Further corrections were made to Highline Big Picture’s stats: 83 percent of teachers have master’s degrees, not 55.6 percent as we originally reported; Adequate Yearly Progress was met; SAT scores in math, writing, and critical reading are 383, 434, and 474 (and not 387, 389, and 425); and the on-time graduation rate is 71.2, not 57.9.

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