Bad Dog!

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 4, 2010

More Halloween madness!

Officer Tom Heller writes:

On 10/31/2010, at approximately 0148 hours, while on routine uniformed patrol in a marked Seattle Police vehicle as unit 3-John-1, I was driving westbound on N 3 th St approaching Phinney Ave N when I was flagged down by numerous people. One male stated, "This guy just assaulted my friend, he went that way!"

I followed a chain of witnesses who were pointing southbound on Phinney. One of the witnesses told me that the suspect was dressed as a dog. I contacted the suspect just west of N 3x th St and Phinney Ave N, wearing a brown dog costume. I advised him he was being audio-recorded, and I asked him to place his hands on my car. He complied. I asked him what had happened.

His speech was slurred and his eyes were red and watery. He seemed very intoxicated. He stated that another male had cut in front of him in line to get into LTD, that the man had told him his girlfriend was fat, and that he had punched the man.

The suspect in the dog costume identified himself as [redacted].

After some further questioning, stated that the other man had thrown a pitcher of beer on him prior to the punching. I asked how the man had gotten a pitcher of beer while in line outside the bar. [He] agreed that that was strange.

The victim came to the scene after a witness called him to tell him where we were. I spoke to him. He had blood coming out of his nose and on his face. His nose and jaw looked slightly offset like he might have a fracture. He and other witnesses advised me that the fight had occurred inside the bar.

[The victim] stated that he had approached the man in the dog costume to tell how thankful he was that was breaking up a fight in the bar, and that [the dog-suited man] punched him in the face without saying anything to him. [The victim] seemed only slightly intoxicated. He complained of pain in his face and jaw. He declined medics, but stated that he would go to the hospital later.

[The victim] initially stated that he did not want to be a victim. At this time, [the suspect] was released from the scene. later stated that he did want to be a victim and was willing to assist in prosecuting [the suspect].

Why can't every night be Halloween? The world would be a better place if criminals were always dressed as inmates, dogs, and gorillas.

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