Where Are the Five Scariest Places At UW? (Plus Info About a U-District Robbery)

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee October 28, 2010


The top five responses [from students] are: the Wall of Death sculpture under the University Bridge, University Way, the staircase leading down to the Intramural Activities Building, the Memorial Way entrance into campus, and the area just beyond Greek Row north of NE 45th Street.

Bonus: Man robbed at 50th and University.

Related date/time: Oct-25-2010 1800 Officers LeBlanc and I were dispatched to 10 N.E. 50th St. (Seattle Fire Station #17) to investigate an assault.

The dispatcher stated that the victim, who had been assaulted, had walked to the Fire Station. Upon arrival, Officer Brown #6194 also arrived there to assist me and we met with the victim inside the station.

AMR was already at the scene getting ready to transport the victim to the hospital for treatment. The victim stated that he had been assaulted in front of at N.E. 50th St. and University Way N.E.

He stated that he was just standing there when the two suspects approached him. Suspect #1 punched him on the right side of his face with his fist and he fell to the ground.

While he was on the ground, the victim said that the two suspects reached into his pant pockets trying to steal his wallet.

The victim said that he protected his wallet with his hands and began yelling for assistance.

The two suspects got scared and ran eastbound on N.E. 50th St. The victim then said that he walked to the Fire Station to get medical assistance.

I spoke to Fire Department personnel and they said that there were two males with the victim when he got to the Fire Station. They stated that the males were possibly passerbys that were trying to assist the victim after they saw him bleeding from the face.

Fire Department also said that the victim possibly suffered a broken nose.


Since drugs are sold on University Way, Officer Brown asked the victim if he had wanted to buy drugs from the suspects. The victim told him that he didn't want to answer that.

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