The Morning Blotter: Man Set On Fire In Downtown Apartment

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee October 29, 2010

A prank gone-wrong left a man with burns on over a third of his body after, it appears, a friend set him on fire as part of a prank earlier this week.

On October 25th, police went to Harborview's burn unit to contact a man who arrived at the hospital with burns on 36 percent of his body.

The man told police he was visiting friends at an apartment at 8th and Pine on October 23rd, and was apparently in the bathroom cleaning the shower when he felt someone pour liquid on him.

"While on his hands and knees...he felt a warm liquid being poured over his body," a police report says. "Moments later, [he] began to feel pain throughout his body and realized he was on fire."

The man began yelling and was eventually able to put out the flames, a police report says.

He pleaded with his friends in the apartment to call 911, but they refused.

The victim called for a cab, which transported him to a nearby hospital. He was later transferred to Harborview.

When police interviewed the victim, he told officers his friends showed up at the hospital the day after the incident, and told the victim they had pulled a similar type of stunt before, but had "used a different type of fluid."

The victim later told police the suspects "may have been playing some type of game." However, he "did not consent" to being set on fire.

Police tried to contact the victim's (shitty) friends at their apartment but when officers stopped by, no one was home.

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