The Morning Blotter: Catcaller Pulls Knife on Couple After Commenting on Woman's Pants

By Tom Fucoloro October 21, 2010

A man was arrested in SoDo for threatening a couple with a knife after commenting on a woman's pants, according to the police report. As the woman was walking on the sidewalk around 3:30 p.m. October 16, a man in a parking lot said, "Those jeans look good on you," in a suggestive manner. He then asked her who she "rolled" with.

She told him she was with her husband. She then went to her husband, who was a short distance from her, and told him about the man. The husband walked towards the alleged catcaller and asked him what he had said to his wife.

The catcaller then allegedly whipped out a knife and pointed it at the husband. He walked towards the couple, saying, "You want to run on me, I'll run on you." This scared the couple, who began backing away and called 911.

The man was found at a nearby bus stop. He told police the husband had threatened him, so he pulled out the knife for protection. He said the husband ran towards him, but the husband said he was only walking towards the man. The catcaller was arrested and booked in King County jail for Unlawful Use of a Weapon to Intimidate Another.

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