Teens On Crime Spree In Crown Hill

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee October 12, 2010

Seattle police have called out K9 and possibly the Guardian One helicopter to look for at least two teens who are apparently on a tear in the Crown Hill neighborhood.

Police sources tell us the teens started out shoplifting beer from the Holman Road QFC earlier this evening, did property damage to a nearby home, and then stole may have stolen a bicycle.

Not long after that, police believe the teens tried to break into someone's home.

We're working to get more details on where this all went down, but so far we're told this is in the general Crown Hill area.

We've confirmed that SPD has called for a K9 unit, and we're getting reports that a helicopter is hovering over the area, which would likely mean King County's Guardian One helicopter is assisting in the search.

More as we get it.

Update @ 10:54pm: We're now hearing that this may have been two separate groups of kids and adults on independent crime sprees. We're told at least 3 people are in custody. A fourth person may be outstanding.

We'll check back in the morning and see if we can find out more.

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