Rossi Visits Business that Benefited from Stimulus Loan

By Josh Feit October 29, 2010

Earlier this week, Dino Rossi made a campaign stop at SEFNCO Communications in Sumner. SEFNCO is a telecom infrastructure company that builds custom broadband, cable, and cellular communications networks. They have about 225 employees.

Rossi toured the headquarters on Tuesday afternoon, greeted employees, and then met with SEFNCO CEO Scott Nall about supporting small business, according to a press statement from SEFNCO.

One thing the press release didn't mention is this: Public records show that SEFNCO got a $238,990 Small Business Administration loan in May as part of a loan program in President Obama's stimulus bill. The SBA got $730 million in Obama stimulus dollars to help make loans to small businesses.

For the second time this campaign season, Rossi has inadvertently campaigned on the shop floor of a company that has directly benefited from an Obama-era policy that Rossi has railed against during the campaign. He has called the $787 billion stimulus package a failure, saying it hasn't created jobs and it ballooned the deficit. (The Seattle Times fact checked Rossi's claims about jobs last week and reported that the stimulus did create jobs.)

We have calls into SEFNCO.

Rossi spokeswoman Jennifer Morris says, "As Dino has said numerous times, if a project is worth doing, it’s worth doing in the main body of the budget."

Last month, when Rossi campaigned at  Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, we reported that the Whidbey Island ship builder had gotten $800,000 in stimulus money, in part, thanks to the work that Rossi's rival Sen. Patty Murray did as member of the senate's marititme appropriations committee, Murray's office says.
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