Queen Anne Woman Stops Bike Thief, Helps End Alleged Burglary Spree

By Tom Fucoloro October 13, 2010

When a Queen Anne woman saw someone leaving her apartment building's parking garage with a bicycle, she knew something wasn't right. She confronted the man about the bicycle, and he told her he lived in the building and had permission to take the bike. But she knew his story was a little fishy. After all, the bicycle was hers, according to search warrant documents filed in King County Superior Court.

She told the man to give her his ID, which he did. She snapped a photo of it with her cell phone and gave it back. The man then left the building. When the apartment manager arrived at the building later that day, October 10, she saw that the call box had been tampered with. When she got to the leasing office, she saw the door had been pried open and the lock box containing $70,000 - $100,000 worth of rent checks had been stolen from the ransacked room. Two laptops, some keys and $300 cash were also missing. In the parking garage, there were several car prowls in addition to the attempted bike theft.

When officers saw the photo of the ID the bike owner had taken, the face on the Arizona license was familiar. Kevin James Hill, 22, had been arrested a month earlier at the scene of a burglary at Wireless on Westlake. In that incident, Hill and an accomplice allegedly broke into the business and stole a black laptop bag containing the owner's credit cards and cell phone, among other items. According to the documents, police saw him try to flee in a car, which later came up as stolen. When Hill pulled into a parking space, they ordered him onto the ground and put him in handcuffs. He allegedly told police, "I'm a car prowler, I am not a burglar."

When police knocked on his door a month later, in investigation of the Queen Anne burglaries, he answered the door and allegedly incriminated himself right away. Police asked him about the incident, and he responded "I didn't even get the bike," according to the documents. He then went on to say, "What happened ... the lady told me I needed to pay for it and asked for my ID ... I thought if I gave her my ID she wouldn't call the police." When asked how he removed the bike, he told police he had used bolt cutters. He was placed under arrest.

Upon searching his body, they found a couple of the rent checks, which Hill had allegedly altered to include his name. They asked him where the rest were, and he told them they would find them in his apartment.

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