1. Jordan Schraeder at the Tacoma News Tribune wrote an enormous analysis of several state leg. races---the take: Democrats are in trouble, but Republicans shouldn't count their chickens before they get elected.

2. Over at Crosscut Chuck Wolfe has has a nuanced legal analysis re: Conlin's signature on the SDEIS for the deep-bore tunnel over at Crosscut. Footnote: Wolfe was a big McGinn supporter in 2008, but he's notably neutral on what is turning into a defining moment for the mayor.

3. The state Labor and Industries agency fined Tesoro a record $2.38 million for unsafe practices that led to a plant explosion in April. Jerry Cornfield at the Everett Herald has the story.

4. Erica already noted how much she's loving Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" project over at Slog. It turns out, though, some people aren't digging it. They think it's condescending to small towns.

Today, one of Erica's favorite feminst blogs, Jezebel, gets Dan's back by, among lots of other smartness, explaining that Dan has good reason to grouse about small towns.
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