By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee October 6, 2010

So how much meth was recovered from a shooting victim's home in Lake City last July? C'mon, guess.


Five baggies containing: 905 grams + 586 grams + 177 grams + 172 grams + 117 grams

= Four pounds.

From our previous story:

Patrol officers and a SWAT team responded to 140th and 30th Ave NE around 4:15pm on July 2nd and found a man screaming in the street, bleeding from a gunshot wound to his mouth.

Police located the man's home nearby, and found smears of blood everywhere. Officers located a scoped rifle in the yard of the home, and found security cameras mounted the back of the house.

A SWAT team cleared the home and found "methamphetamine in baggies and a large amount of American currency."

Police records say the man shot in the incident has previously been arrested for dealing meth.

Documents on the investigation into the July 2nd shooting continue to trickle out of SPD. The latest search warrant we've obtained says police also found 290 grams of cocaine, a half-ounce of pot, three pellet guns, a 7-inch knife, and $2,348 inside the victim's home, in addition to the four pounds of meth.

The man told police he hadn't been staying in the home recently, and that it had been "overrun by narcotics users."

If you don't know what four pounds of meth looks like, then you're clearly not watching enough Breaking Bad. Here's a visual aid:

Not the actual meth receovered by SPD, but you get the point

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