PubliCola Picks "Yes" on the King County Charter Amendments

By PublicolaPicks October 16, 2010

PubliCola picks "yes" on King County Charter Amendment No. 1

This charter amendment clarifies that county government is responsible for the environmental and economic well-being of both urban and rural parts of the county. PubliCola supports this minor change.

PubliCola picks "yes" on King County Charter Amendment No. 2

The second charter amendment would eliminate the requirement that candidates and supporters of ballot measures file campaign-finance reports with both King County and the state Public Disclosure Commission.

Although PubliCola has opposed eliminating the requirement that Seattle candidates file with both the city and the state in the past, the county---unlike the city of Seattle---does not have its own system for making campaign-finance documents public, making the county reporting requirement a redundancy that does nothing to further public access to information.

PubliCola picks "yes" on King County Charter Amendment No. 3

Under the current collective-bargaining system---a relic of the time when the King County sheriff was appointed by, and accountable to, the county executive---the sheriff has no authority over labor negotiations in her own department; she can only "provide input."

This amendment would give the sheriff, rather than the county executive, the authority to manage and collectively bargain with her own employees on all issues except wages and benefits—such as working conditions. We support this common-sense proposal, which would give the sheriff the same seat at the bargaining table that all other county elected officials enjoy.

We've also endorsed on Initiatives  1082, 1107, 1100 and 1105.

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