Extra Fizz: Mayor and City Council Get a Drink with Olympia Delegation

By Chris Kissel October 5, 2010

Given all the drama at City Hall lately, we thought it was kind of funny that the Mayor and the City Council are doing a happy hour together next week in Belltown.

The happy hour is a fundraiser for the House and Senate Democratic Campaign Committees, starring House Speaker Frank Chopp and Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown.

We hear it's being put together by a staffer at the Mayor's Office of Intergovernmental Relations, the City's lobbying arm, which confirms our theory on what's going on here. The City of Seattle wants better relations with Olympia and hosting a fundraiser (drinks on the city) for distraught Democrats could help.

However, the whole thing could sour. Given that the Mayor and the City Council have kinda disparate goals in Olympia (exhibit A: Tunnel), this looks to be a pretty awkward "happy hour."

Update: Although I initially reported the happy hour was being planned by a staffer at the Office of Intergovernmental Relations, it turns out the plans are coming from a staffer from council president Richard Conlin's office. That doesn't totally kill my thesis about a lobbying push from the city, although it does make it a little less obvious.
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