Down Wit The Crew Gang Member Investigated In Central District Drive-By

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee October 7, 2010

Documents released by SPD this week reveal more details about what may have led to a shooting in Greenwood, and a drive-by in the Central District late last month.

Police records say on September 24th, a dark-colored BMW rolled up in front of a house on Martin Luther King Jr Way S and E Arthur Place around 4:30pm, and at least one person in the car fired shots at the home.

Police later found several bullets and bullet fragments inside the house, and at least six .45 caliber shell casings in the street.

A man and a woman inside the home said they heard loud "booms" and the sound of glass breaking as they huddled inside with their infant child.

Following the drive-by, the mother of the man who lives in the home told police her son had been having trouble with a gang member nickamed BG Velle, who tried to steal a chain from her son the week earlier. Her son later told her "he was going to take care of the problem himself," police records say.

Police records say BG Velle, 25, is a D-Dub (Down Wit the Crew) gang member who "hangs out downtown and sells drugs."

SPD records indicate that last month, man apparently targeted in the drive-by was shot in the arm in an apparent drug deal at 105th and Aurora on September 16th. It's unclear how the two cases are connected, but gang detectives are following up on both incidents.

On September 27th, detectives went looking for the car used in the drive-by, and spotted it leaving Roman's Casino in Skyway.

The driver sped off and, after a brief chase, police found the car at 120th and 69th ave S. The driver was nowhere to be found.

Police stopped two men and a woman near the scene for questioning, but released them a short time later.

We're working to find out whether police have made any arrests in the case.

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