Council Wants to Preserve DV Prevention Programs, Neighbors Want to Save SPD Steeds

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee October 6, 2010

Amidst the budgetary slashing and burning going on down at City Hall, Councilmember Tim Burgess says the council will work to preserve funding for domestic violence prevention programs:

The Seattle City Council "will be taking very strong steps" to restore funding for domestic violence prevention programs, Councilman Tim Burgess told a crowd gathered at City Hall Tuesday to honor support personnel.

The funding, however, will have to come with offsetting cuts somewhere else. Burgess said it's too early to know exactly how councilmembers will do that. The Council will approve a final spending plan next month. Facing a $67 million deficit, Mayor Mike McGinn last week proposed broad cuts to next year's city budget - including the elimination of nearly 300 jobs and reductions to the arts, neighborhoods and human services.

Seattle residents also would also be asked to pay higher fees to park their cars, use city athletic fields and swimming pools and would have decreased access to libraries.

With the 2011 proposed budget, the Human Services Department would be have their roughly $154 million overall budget trimmed by 7.6 percent, department deputy director Sarah Levin told the City Council Budget Committee Tuesday.

Domestic violence and sexual assault prevention funding specifically would be reduced by $460,000 form the previous budget -- a reduction of 9.5 percent.

In other budget-related news, the West Seattle Blog has a nigh-unreadable (sorry, guys) 2000 word piece on some sort of community movement to preserve the horsey unit.

DV programs are important, but I don't consider mounted patrols to be a real high priority. However, I'm a bitter, black-hearted man who hates horses, so I'm curious about what changes/programs you'd like to see preserved by SPD and the city.

You can find more info on some of the proposed SPD cuts here.

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