Another $2 Million in Secret Cash Spent Against Murray

By Josh Feit October 22, 2010

As Cola readers know, we've been pretty obsessive about covering the attack ads that are funded by undisclosed corporate dollars. (This is the fallout from the Citizens United ruling, which didn't itself  impact disclosure, but freed up corporations to give unlimited cash to groups that already weren't required to disclose donors.)

We had the attack ads tallied up at nearly $3 million in anti-Murray ads.

Murray has been hit by:  a $1.4 million ad buy from Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS; a $750,000 ad buy from a group called American Action Network;  a  $300,000 ad buy from a group called Truth in Politics; and a $300,000 ad buy from the National Taxpayers Union.

Liberal activist group, Fuse, sent out a statement today updating the list, noting another $1.1 million from Crossroads GPS, $36,000 anti-Murray ad from something called the Coalition to Protect Seniors. and a $34,000 ad from Focus on the Family Action.

These new adds nudge the grand total on secret independent expenditure ads against Sen. Murray up to $4.5 million.

President Obama, in Seattle campaigning for Murray yesterday, cited the undisclosed funding in his speech at U.W. yesterday.

There has been a $400,000 independent ad against Dino Rossi, but the group Common Sense 10 is set up as a political committee with the FEC, as opposed to a nonprofit, and so , must disclose its donors.
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