Afternoon Jolt

By Afternoon Jolt October 4, 2010

Today's winner is former Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis

Ceis' new lobbying shop is working for the phone-book companies and, look at that—someone in town still knows how to ride herd on the council.

Today, as Erica just reported, city council member Mike O'Brien's legislation to give residents the right to opt out of getting phone books was put on hold.

Today's Loser is Seattle City Council Member Mike O'Brien

No, it's not because his hippie dippy phone-book legislation got blocked by Mayor Cies. Nor is it because he was the lone 'No' vote on Conlin's signature (securing for all time his status as McGinn's BFF).

But get this, he's evidently the only person who actually read the whole controversial tunnel SDEIS. It's like studying for the test while everyone else in class was out at the kegger and it turns out there's a snow day.
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