Afternoon Fizz: Williams Shooting Unjustified

By Erica C. Barnett October 14, 2010

The Seattle Times has the story:
Seattle Police Chief John Diaz and a department review board have reached a preliminary finding that an officer's fatal shooting of a homeless woodcarver on Aug. 30 was not justified, according to sources familiar with the case.

Diaz and the Firearms Review Board will make a final determination after a court inquest into the shooting is completed.

After reaching the preliminary finding that the shooting was not justified, the officer, Ian Birk, was ordered by Deputy Chief Clark Kimerer, who oversees the review board, to surrender his gun and badge, according to the sources.

King County is conducting an inquest into the shooting; the results of that inquest will be used by the King County Prosecutor's Office, which will determine whether to file criminal charges.
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