Afternoon Fizz: Two More County Unions Agree to 2011 Wage Freeze

By Erica C. Barnett October 25, 2010

In a statement this afternoon, King County Executive Dow Constantine announced that another 48 county employees (members of the Puget Sound Police Officers Association and the King County Court Protection Guild) have agreed to give up cost-of-living raises for 2011.

Today's statement was the latest in a series of announcements by Constantine about unions that have agreed to wage concessions in an effort to save jobs and close a $60 million 2011 budget gap.

The barrage of announcements comes at a time when Constantine is struggling to convince two large county unions, the Metro union and the sheriff's deputies' union, to accept wage concessions. Because both have access to interest arbitration if negotiations with the county fail, county sources say it's unlikely that either will agree to wage or benefit concessions (arbitration is a process that tends to favor union interests).
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