Exclusive: 34th District Candidate Heavey Arrested in 2003 for DUI

By Erica C. Barnett October 24, 2010

This post has been updated with a statement from 34th District candidate Mike Heavey.

Mike Heavey, a candidate for state legislature in the 34th District (Vashon, West Seattle), sent out an odd campaign mailer last week that had us at PubliCola scratching our heads.

The front of the mailer, featuring a startling picture of a car crash, reads, ”Some People aren’t Responsible Users of Alcohol…”

Flip it over and Heavey letting you know he “struggled with alcohol addiction” in college and encouraging voters to oppose both I-1100 and I-1105, the liquor-privatization initiatives:

This could help explain Heavey's odd mailer: After a little digging, PubliCola has uncovered that in 2003, when he was 23, Heavey got arrested for driving under the influence in Mobile, Alabama, where he was in college at the University of South Alabama. His DUI was written up in the local paper, the Mobile Register.

Sorry, no link available---the Register requires registration and payment for archived articles---but here's a screen shot:

According to the brief report, Heavey was arrested between January 20 and January 26, 2003, and received a $759 fine, 12 months' probation, and a 180-day suspended sentence.

Here's the exact text from the article:
Michael J. Heavey, 23, of 5453 Old Shell Road, Mobile, first DUI, total fine and cost: $759, DUI school, 180 days in jail suspended, 12 months' probation.

In a statement, Heavey told PubliCola:

I’ve been honest and upfront about these issues from the very beginning. I’ve filled out questionnaires, like the Muni League, that ask this specific information, and I’ve sent out direct mail discussing it.  It’s also one of the reasons I am steadfastly against Initiatives 1100 and 1105.  Easier access to alcohol is not the way we curb college-age binge drinking.  I’m lucky in that my issues with alcohol addiction didn’t hurt anyone.  I have been sober a long time and haven’t had a drink in many years. I have dedicated my life helping other young adults from making the same mistakes I made.  When you are in your early 20s you make a lot of mistakes, you stumble and you fall.  I’ve picked myself up and have dedicated my life to giving back to my community.
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