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While I Was Gone

By Erica C. Barnett September 20, 2010

Some notable wonky and local stories that Josh missed while I was gone, because all he cares about is Dino Rossi (most of them covered by Seattle Transit Blog, Cascade Bike Club blog, and the Puget Sound Transit Operators Blog):

1) Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel and other companies that sued to prevent the completion of the Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail in Ballard, lost its appeal of the project in King County Superior Court.

2) The state Passenger Vessel Association, which oversees the state ferry system, recommends that cars get priority when loading and unloading ferries. The new rules would force cyclists to wait an extra ten minutes to get on and off state ferries. (Covered in On Other Blogs, but---in my opinion---outrageous enough to merit an editorial of its own).

3) Good news: Transit riders can now reload their ORCA cards at 47 new Safeway locations!

4) City Council member Richard Conlin argues that building a new freeway through downtown will help the city meet its carbon-neutrality goals. Huh?

5) Big shakeup at the Seattle Police Department in the wake of the shooting of John T. Williams.

6) Paul Bechtel, the head of the Metro transit union, says he'd rather cut bus service for riders than ask union members---the third-best-paid drivers in the country---to forgo raises next year. Cue the inevitable backlash.

7) Mayor Mike McGinn tries to wrestle $7 million from the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), arguing that the city needs money, too. McGinn gets a resounding "no" from city council members, who points out that a deal is a deal, even if you don't like it later.

8 ) Finally, the state supreme court heard arguments against Sound Transit's plans to build light rail against I-90. Opponents of the line argued that allowing rail on the center lanes of I-90 would violate a state constitutional amendment that says gas taxes must only be spent for highway purposes; selling the highway, which was built with gas taxes, to Sound Transit would therefore violate the constitution.
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